Fashion, wildlife, IT industry, LGBTQ, and rare stories have been covered in the following blogs and vlogs we’ve found to enjoy


5 blogs and vlogs to check out if you can’t stand long reads and boring explanations anymore.


It’s a touching, kind, and honest podcast. “Heavyweight” is produced by humorist Jonathan Goldstein, and it helps people try to resolve a moment from their past that they wish they could change. Listening to it might be therapeutic and exciting, as well as informative. Jonathan’s guests are people of different ages, professions, and backgrounds, but they all have this incomplete gestalt -- a thing they would like to be done differently, a question which was never asked or never answered, and more “heavy” stuff. For example, a story like Rachel and Jon’s. They are siblings who were separated as young children. Jonathan helps them confront the woman responsible... fifty years later! 

Heavyweight is currently at work on its sixth season, which will start in fall 2021. You can find seasons one through five here

The show has been featured in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and The New York Times, among others. The episode “Gregor” received a 2017 Third Coast Award, and the show was nominated for IDA Documentary Awards in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

That is something you want to listen to in case you have recently lost trust in people or just want something to be crazy about.

Marianne Theodorsen 

Whether you are a fashion addict, an aspiring stylist, an artist, a colors-lover, or just the one who is tired of “beige influencers” wearing similar outfits of all the sand color shades, check this lady out. 

Marianne lives in Norway, works as a bag expert for Scandinavian Vogue, raises 2 kids, and seems to be a great fan of experiments and fun.

She is quite an inspiration for those who want to dress up but is too scared to look stupid, freaky, or whatever. With her fancy accessories, neon nails, pink hair, and dozens of earrings, she ruins these nonsensical stereotypes on how a 39-years old businesswoman (or any woman) should look like. Through her style, Marianne teaches us to not be afraid of being ourselves and finally start being ourselves. 

Dean Schneider 

“I’m a 27-year old Swiss guy,

who has dedicated his entire life to the animal world! Nowadays, I live in Africa, I am a member of a lion pride, my wife is a hyena and I’m a daddy of two monkeys. Besides that, I have built a global voice for our planet’s wildlife over the past two years!” -- Dean says on his YouTube page.

So, what to expect from this blog? Let’s see.

For example, you’ll be able to watch the experiment of saving the last two living Northern white rhinos on the planet! Is it even possible to artificially reproduce the rhino species? Well, it is.


There are also tips on how to socialize with wild animals, fun facts about cheetahs, and fascinating stories about Kenyans.

This is a channel about a thing humans more and more often forget about -- the importance of appreciating, loving, and taking care of the Earth and all of its inhabitants. 

Mayuko Inoue 

Mayuko Inoue is a content creator and Software Engineer based in San Diego.

After working in Silicon Valley tech companies like Intuit, Patreon, and Netflix for six years as an iOS Engineer, she became a full-time creator in 2020. Her work aims to help people find their way through the tech industry by sharing her experiences navigating this world through technology, career advice, and lifestyle videos. 

If you are an aspiring Software Engineer, Mayuko’s content will be useful for you. There are videos like “How to Start Coding (and Keep Up With It)” or “Frontend Development Explained in 2 minutes”. Maybe after these clear explanations, you’d decide to become an IT expert, who knows...

The blogger is also passionate about discussions around mental health, cultural identity, and productivity, so don’t miss these videos. 



Jeffrey Marsh  

Jeffrey is one of the world's foremost commentators on nonbinary identity and activism in America, with a message of positivity and inclusion and deep knowledge of queer issues and history. They are the first openly nonbinary public figure to be interviewed on national television, for Unfiltered. Jeffrey was also the first nonbinary author to be offered a book deal with any "Big 5" publisher, at Penguin Random House. Jeffrey’s best selling Buddhist self-esteem guide How To Be You.

Jeffrey has reported on LGBTQ topics for TIME, Variety, Dutch National News channel RTL-TV, NewsmaxTV, and the BBC.

Ever felt like there is not enough support in your life? Have you had traumas you don’t feel like talking about yet? Even if you are not a part of the LQBTQ community, you can learn and get a lot from their TikTok. It is a place of full acceptance, care, and love. Like real love, you know. 

Their way of communicating with an audience may seem weird at first as it is hard to believe a person can be that sincere, correct, empathic, and caring. 

Caution: after a few TikToks you might find yourself calmer, more confident, and less anxious.

So, we hope you have found something gripping for yourself.

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