How to choose the right influencer for a native (advertising) integration


So, you get the budget and time to organize an influencer marketing campaign. All you have to do is just to choose the right influencers together with Easy Bloggers. We know how to find the best person with a relevant audience that shares your brand’s value as much as it is possible.


The next step is to select the audience for your campaign. As a rule, the bloggers followers have close demographic parameters, interests, but might not always be situated in the same geographic area. First, we suggest choosing the country where your influence campaign will be organized. It can be one, two, or even ten places. Then you need to determine gender and age of the target audience.

Context keywords

Next, you need to make a list of keywords that will help you get closer to the relevant selection. These may be words describing a future campaign of influence, brand goals, and your values. Do not forget about stop words, if a vlogger says something which may hurt your brand, our AI algorithm will remove it from the final output.

Easy Bloggers is the platform that recommends influencers

That's all. You get a ready-made brief with email addresses and all you need to do now is to write letters to influencers and communicate with them directly.

How to choose the right influencer for a native (advertising) integration

Influencer marketing campaigns can have different goals: increasing brand awareness, increasing sales, increasing audience loyalty, strengthening the brand, or all of the above.

Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat?

Which platform is better to look for influencers? Probably, if you came to Easy Bloggers, you were searching for professional Youtube vloggers who can help you in promoting your product. And you were right! YouTube today has more than 2 billion users per month. 90% of people aged 18 to 44 watch this platform and this is the most visited video service among Millenials. At the same time, 51% of users over 75 also watch videos on the platform.

How to find your YouTube blogger?

Perhaps the most important question is which vlogger’s audience do you need. The more popular the YouTube channel and its author is, the more “blurred” the target the audience will be. But on the other hand, there will be more potential viewers who will get to know your product. It is up to you to decide what suits you best the widest possible acquaintance or “call-to-action” with those who understand you perfectly. 

Cut it simple, that’s why we created When we needed YouTube users help, we worked in approximately the same way: we chose our audience, determined its interests and then searched for the right vloggers. This process took days and even weeks. That is why we decided to simplify life for ourselves and you! 

Our main goal is to make a partnership with YouTube as simple as creating any advertisement on other social networks. As in any marketing campaign, your task is to determine the circle of those who might be interested in your message. How to reach the right audience? We will help you with that.

You chose the age and gender of the audience, what's next?

With Easy Bloggers, you get a list of vloggers that are most suitable for you, based on the parameters of the marketing campaign that you specified. Do not rush to send invitations of cooperation to everyone. Read the list carefully. When choosing an influencer with whom you will work in the future, you need to pay attention not only to the number of subscribers but also to the way influencers work with the audience. How often they answer in the comments, how many likes and dislikes they get for the video, how often the creators update the content of the Youtube channel, in short, look at the Engagement Rate. No need to be surprised if the Engagement Rate on small channels is higher than that of YouTube millionaires. It is much easier to communicate with a small audience, it is much more loyal and perceives a vlogger as a friend, not a celebrity. Therefore, if you choose the right influencer, you will simultaneously get a super loyal, involved target audience.

Why else should you pay attention to micro-influencers?

There is another strong argument in favor of micro-influencers −

 the conversion of advertising campaigns and influencer marketing campaigns on small channels is higher than that of the top YouTube ones. This is what marketers call "banner blindness." We simply no longer notice banner ads on the websites, and during advertising inserts on YouTube we click “Skip Ads” more and more often. At the same time, advertising integrations with micro-influencers are usually perceived by the audience as advice, and thanks to this, a YouTube blogger with 100 thousand subscribers can achieve higher CTRs than a YouTube “superstars” with millions of followers.


Listen to vlogger, they know what they are saying

It is important to remember that you are buying an influencer’s audience, and vloggers know everything about their subscribers. If an influencer tells you to correct the campaign, this advice should be taken seriously. Remember, influencer marketing implies recommendations and advice, but not direct calls to buy.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign, you can come up with special promo codes for each influencer. This is just one of many life hacks. The most important advice is to make an analytical report with the main statistical indicators before the start of the marketing campaign. It’ll make it easier for you to evaluate the effectiveness of cooperation with YouTube vloggers at the end of the campaign.

We sincerely believe that the future lies with influencer marketing. And if you also think so, then we will get along! Just try to find a blogger with us and you will see how Easy-peasy it is.

And do not forget there are millions of influencers to collaborate with on EasyBloggers