TOP 100 fast-growing YouTube channels. EasyBloggers version

Every month we share our big data analytics with you, including the one about YouTube channels whose audience grows faster than others. Click the link to see the data.

Let’s see why it is important to pay attention to influencers whose number of subscribers goes up and who have become leaders in July 2021. 

The TOP 100 fast-growing YouTube channels list is meaningful for a few reasons.

First of all, it can help you discover new names and ready-to-be stars, those you haven’t followed yet, but who are worth it. Secondly, from a marketing point of view, these insights help notice ad integrations price difference between big YouTube stars and those who are just breaking into the rating of the most popular creators.

For example, according to our estimates, the recommended advertising price for Youtuber MrBeast is $ 260-290K, while the leader of the July Magicianul Robert Tudor rating is $ 1.9-2.1K. 


Of course, it is important to take the difference in the audience and other features of each YouTube into account, but as a rule, those in the rating of the fastest-growing channels are always underestimated in comparison with the YouTube stars.

At the same time, it is good to remember that in the ranking of the fastest-growing channels, they are not newbies at all. On the contrary, these are the creators who were able to achieve success and gained wide recognition among the public either through viral content, effective collaborations with others or for some other reason. 


Besides the lower cost of advertising bloggers from the list of the fastest-growing channels usually have a high Engagement Rate. Perhaps not the biggest number of views can be compensated by audience loyalty. And this also needs to be taken into consideration when planning collaborations with influencers. 

Leaders of the TOP 100 fast-growing YouTube channels. EasyBloggers version 

Magicianul Robert Tudor


He is a vlogger from Romania with more than 1M of subscribers. His audience grew to over 3005 in July. Rober is one of the most famous Romanian magicians and also a professional actor. 

His shows are both for children and adults. They combine magic, comedy as well as acting.



This guy is a gamer from India. He doesn’t have many videos yet, and he is a newbie at our service, but his channel growth for the month was 168%, while ER - 16.84%. For comparison, the ER on the most famous Indian channel called “T-Series” is 2.39%. 

Fumi Desalu-Vold 


“Fumi Desalu-Vold is a very colorful story. Born in Moscow, Russia, and raised as a child in Scotland of West African parents. Her father is Nigerian and her mother is from The Gambia. Fumi became the 1st Super Model of West Africa. Fumi has graced all the major designers with her presence on the fashion runways from Paris, to Milan, to London and New York” (Vogue, 2012).

In 2014 Fumi created her Channel on YouTube that now has 220K subscribers. The topics she talks about include makeup, Fitness, Fashion, etc. Over the past month, her blog has grown by 146% and ER by 13.08%. 

In our rating, it has risen by 256 positions at once. 

Golden Ninja 50


He is a gamer from the USA. Most of his reviews are about Minecraft. Golden Ninja 50 has more than 400 thousand subscribers, growing by 146% over the month. 

Pinay Mom in South Korea

“You can call me Tonette. I am an ordinary mom who vlogs about everything in Korea”, – says the vlogger.

Her channel has existed for just over a year and already has more than 220 thousand subscribers. As you can see from the description, her themes are lifestyle and all kinds of life situations. 

We can’t but mention that our TOP 100 fast-growing YouTube channels rating can be sorted not only by subscribers but also by views. It helps to find fresh names and also track trending and most popular topics of the YouTube community.