What are the most important metrics on YouTube?

It wasn’t a long time ago, in 2019, when the majority of creators advised to make videos for YouTube no more than half an hour long, and a video with a duration of 25 minutes was considered ideal. But nowadays the situation has changed - YouTube loves long videos and loves when users watch them to the very end. 

Many creators increased their videos' duration by two and even three times. Instead of the previously recommended 25 minutes, now we can't help but notice that the average video length on popular YouTube channels is an hour and a half. The more time a user spends on the service, the more profitable it is for YouTube. In these ways, longer videos have more chances of getting additional promotion with the help of YouTube algorithms.


YouTubers reciprocate this strategy of the company -- the amount of continuous content is increasing, as well as the number of streams. According to Youtube Creator Academy, the watch time for live streams is on average three times longer than for regular videos. One of the main secrets for this happening is Engagement. 

Streams are live communication, and live communication is the best way to build friendships with your audience. 


In general, YouTube's strategy currently leads to the fact that the main metrics for bloggers are not about the number of views of single videos, but the total amount of time of all channel videos, the retention time of the audience for single videos, and, of course, the number of subscribers. In March 2021, YouTube Analytics even added two new metrics: new and returning viewers.

Watch Time 

Watch time (or audience retention, as it's popularly called in YouTube analytics) is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend watching your videos. The higher your watch time, the more likely YouTube will promote your channel through search and recommended videos.

What counts as a good Average View Duration on YouTube?

The higher the number, the better. Whereas in the past, it was considered important for one-minute videos to achieve an average number of views of 30% or 30 seconds, today a good indicator of average video views will be over 50%.

Average Percentage Viewed

This metric shows how popular channel videos are among the audience. It is necessary to strive to ensure that this indicator is also above 50%. 


This is comments, likes, and not yet removes dislikes. In total, all the audience reactions help YouTube algorithms to promote a video.

Unique Viewers

It is an important indicator, and if it is higher than the number of subscribers, then the content is viral, and the audience likes it. If it is below 50% of the audience, then the topic is not relevant for subscribers.

YouTube's demographics report

This is another key metric to understand your audience. It is not only the age of the audience that matters but also the geography of viewers. Local topics can be popular with a part of the audience, or they can find support among all the channel visitors.

Number of views

The higher - the better. YouTube Analytics also includes data on video performance during the first day after publication. The new metric is called "First 24 hours". Data for the first 24 hours will be available for all new videos downloaded. The metric does not work for live streams.

Source: unsplash.com

Number of subscribers

Thanks to YouTube algorithms, which recommend popular videos to the platform users, you can achieve organic growth of subscribers on your channel. Generally, the main task of creators is to keep track of audience growth, which allows them to increase the number of videos watched on YouTube. And the time increase of the content watched leads to a channel promotion by the service itself.

New users

YouTube Analytics has recently separated new and returning viewers. New viewers are users who visited the channel for the first time during the selected period. Regular viewers are those who have seen the channel earlier and visited it again during the selected period. Viewer data is available in the “Returning viewers” tab. Previously, only subscribers and unique viewers could be checked in the Audience tab. The default is 28 days.   

The increased focus of YouTube and bloggers on the length of content is a mutual work to retain an audience being able to provide users with more marketing information. Blogger ad integrations have already become a huge part of YouTube culture, and services like EasyBloggers help brands and businesses find bloggers to work with.