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General information


EASYBLOGGERS is a team of data analysts, programmers, marketing consultants and influencer specialists. We are influencer marketing experts and are ready to share our expertise. We will help you find bloggers to promote your brand and create a media plan for your campaign to effectively engage bloggers.

How do you choose bloggers?

You fill out a brief on our website, in which you specify all of the parameters of your future influencer-driven campaign. Our smart algorithm will analyze hundreds of thousands of YouTube channels to make a list of suitable influencers. Before the final media plan is delivered to the customer, it is verified by an experienced marketing specialist.

In terms of platforms, which influencers do you work with?

For the time being, we only work with YouTube, but we will add Instagram and other social networks very soon.

In terms of countries, which influencers do you have in your database?

We currently focus on English-speaking influencers from the U.S., Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. However, we are already making a database of influencers from other countries.

Why would I collaborate with influencers?

We answer that question in lots of detail in this article. In short, the effectiveness of traditional advertising has dropped significantly; therefore, most brands are increasingly focusing on influencer marketing. Unlike traditional ads, people’s trust in influencers is growing, and so is the influencer marketing segment.

What is an influencer marketing brief?

Your brief is your request for an advertising campaign. Based on your brief, we will find you influencers for further collaboration.

What info do I need to include in the brief?

Step 1: Product Name and Link
Indicate the name of the product you plan to promote, and give us a link to the product’s landing page on your website.

Step 2: Campaign Budget
What budget are you planning to allocate for your collaboration with influencers?

Step 3: Audience Geography
Which markets does your advertising campaign target? This is a crucial factor for us to search for relevant influencers that will maximize the efficiency of your campaign.

Step 4: Audience Age/Gender
Which audiences do your product and brand target?

Step 5: Keywords
Keywords that describe the bloggers’ niche for your future campaign and help us find the most effective influencers tailored to your needs.

Why would I fill out this brief?

A brief is an internal document that we require to find the right bloggers for your brand.

Key indicators of a media plan

Projected stats — why should I trust them?

Over the past two years, we have been collecting data on hundreds of thousands of YouTube channels on a daily basis. This is why we always have the most relevant and accurate data, which speaks for itself when you get concrete business results.

What is the engagement rate (ER)?

This is a crucial indicator to pay attention to when picking an influencer. The higher the ER, the more effectively a blogger influences their audience.

What is the recommended price?

This is a fair market price calculated on the basis of the quality of an influencer’s audience and their channel’s performance as a whole. If an influencer asks for a price that is considerably higher than the recommended rate, we recommend you to thoroughly consider all the pros and cons of your possible engagement.

Which contact details of an influencer do you provide?

We will give you an influencer’s business email address.

Additional Questions/General Questions

How many influencers do you have in your database?

We are meticulous about the selection of influencers; therefore, each blogger in our database has been thoroughly tested and is suitable for advertising collaboration. It is not the number of bloggers that matters, because your money is at stake — it is all about the quality of influencers.

At the moment, we have more than 200,000 YouTube influencers in our database, and the number grows every day.

Where do you get your data?

We have daily updates from the YouTube API and public sources.